Sunday, January 18, 2009

Someone was waiting for me! O.O

Hey! Look at all my little candies lol!

I know! I just made my post below and it hardly has had time for people to read! But i was just on Etsy forums answering a thread and i just had to make this new post.

The thread title was "Paper used in earrings" (broad smile..) Of course i had to poke my head in haha.

What really made my day was that the thread poster actually already came to my blog and knew i was going to post about what you can use to make paper water resistant! How can i keep them waiting? So here it is...

I cant water proof paper. I can only make it water resistant. There is a difference, simply speaking... if i said my beads are waterproof you should have no worries scuba diving with them. Being water resistant on the other hand means that they are resistant to rain, washing hands, snow... etc etc...

You can make paper waterproof by using a wide selection of gloss and sealant that you can find at any D.I.Y or craft shop. Just make sure that on the bottle it says that it is water resistant or for outdoor use and that can be used on paper. I also prefer to use the ones that say "non toxic" or "eco friendly"

Just like a photograph, you have to decide if your paper is to look glossy or matt. If you like matt finishes you can use decoupage finish. If you like the glossy look just pic something that says it will give a gloss effect. All my beads and accessories are coated with gloss finish.

Alot about making paper water resistant is NOT dependent on the gloss itself. Below are some important tips to note.

  • - A whole lot of things are trial and error... there's a million types of gloss, varnish, paper, coloring, ink..... out there that can give different results.

  • - Always brush on the coating, never dip your paper. Dipping makes the coating too thick and tends to drip.

  • - Wait for each coat to dry. You may wish to apply 1, 3, or 100 coats. Whatever its is.. let your paper dry properly before applying another coat on top.

  • - If you have modular pieces. Like my blue roses in the post below, each rose is made up of 3 different pieces of paper and then assembles together. Please coat each piece of paper separately.

  • -If you don't want to make your paper stiff.... but you just want it to be water resistant, just wax it with a candle before you start folding it :) The paper will still remain soft that way.

I might add on to this post if i think of more. If there's any particular thing you wish to know, just ask. I'm no expert but i'll help if i can

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  1. Thank you so much for the information. i'm trying to make some papercraft that is suitable for outdoor use and thank you for giving me some tips. I have been reseraching materials that are water resistant, but they tend to be more costly (but also less time consuming than coating each layer); I will try the candle wax tip, I have a lot of candles around, and it would be the first trial and error I do!