Monday, January 19, 2009

A proud mother.

Muahahaha *insane laughter* I feel like a proud mother. I sold these beads earlier this month to another etsy member. Today they were reborn as a pair of elegant earrings! A crafter's joy is to see their craft used and enjoyed by someone else, busterandboo is certainly sending my little beads along their way. Its also a great example of how paperbeads can be used, I hope it serves as inspiration to all the crafters out there.

Please visit her shop below to see more pics of the pair of earrings above. She's got some lovely stuff so i think you'll be stuck in her shop for some time :)

Busterandboo's Shop :

Busterandboo's earring section:


  1. Those are fabulous! I often find vintage items on Etsy, purchase them, then use them in our creations. We contact the sellers to show off their "reborn" items! It's good to know others are doing this too! Keeping the love in the Etsy Family! :)

  2. Those are some nice looking beads and she did a great job helping them be reborn. Congratulations.